ideation aid kit
when: 2nd semester (2010)

Idea generating and developing is the ground pillar of good design, but it is not always easy to sit down and pull out great ideas out of thin air. There are a lot of tools to help one on the way, but one does not often remember to use them. Thus this materialization of ideation tools in the image of familiar toys.

Idea Scope:
The Idea scope introduces you to various observing methods, helping you gain insight in users’ everyday as well as the most common idea genrating techniques.

Guide Badge:
Make yourself the guide for your project, and tell people about it. When
you have explained it over and over, you will gain a better understanding of your own ideas and concepts.

What if Robot:
When you feel slightly stuck take a roll with What if Robot. Questions yourself about conditions, alternatives, ideas and options.

Product Mirror:
Looking in the mirror you have to imagine yourself beeing the actual product on the shelf in the store. Personifying your product this way gives a different perspective of the item.

Colour Samples:
Try out different colour combinations for your product (poster, website, object, etc). You can put the samles together on your pencil and descide if it’s a good combination or not.

Jumble the letters to make random words, try out different names for products, write messages etc.

Target Group Dice:
The dice generate a random person from following characteristics: age, income, lifestyle, housing. Use this person as a potential user group or in Role perspective (see scope slides).

Design Game Board:
On side one Super Designer has some great tips for you, on the the next lays the secret of pondering. The last two sides of the design game board help you evaluete and organize your ideas.