ELBO klub
service design
when: 5th semester (2011)
who: in collaboration with
Sebastian Nause-blumski (industrial designer)
Lise S√łgaard (industrial designer)

As people get older in Denmark health care is provided along of a meals-on-wheels service. We worked with such a municipal provider (ELBO), aiming at bettering the quality at the service. A common problem with the elderly is that they do not eat enough and there by get weaker or sick. By encouraging them to eat the appropriate amount of food we make sure that they have enough energy to live a happier and healthier life.
During the research we used a lot of different research strategies:
- visiting the customer (the food provider)
- trying to see how it feels to eat with reduced vision, finger dexterity sense of smell etc
- mapping out the way of the food and the user through the system
- considering near and far future scenarios
We decided that we need to improve the meal experience of the user, thus letting them look forward to the next meal. Also we decided to work with a project that can be implemented immediately, meaning fewer changes for the food provider's infrastructure and allowing the users to gain the benefits as soon as possible.
We presented both the customer and the users with our ideas, and adjusted to their feedback.

By improving the overall service experience we let the users know that it aims to please them and to be as nice as possible. We would like to rephrase the ELBO service into an ELBO club, where the user is part of a community with more social opportunities and stronger bonds.