industrial design and research (MA project)
when: 10th semester (2014)
who: in collaboration with company
Seaweed Solutions / Seaweed Seed Supply

The seaweed industry is growing steadily and is promoted as one of the most sustainable and profitable. Seaweed provides a very versatile raw material and is used for everything between cosmetics, food, food additives, animal feed, building material, and energy production.

Today there is not much innovation within the tools of the seaweed trade. Cultivation and harvest methods are much the same they have been for many years, a lot of the work is done manually, even in China where the seaweed fields are vast. Japan grows mainly a different kind of seaweed and have adopted semi mechanized harvesting methods that suit the size of the farms.

In Denmark a small seaweed company is currently planting the biggest Saccharina Japonica farm in Denmark yet. The seaweed from that farm is to be processed and sold as high protein feed to local ecological pig farms. This project is aimed at suchlike medium sized operations, and to equip them with user-friendly and efficient tools, that do not disturb the local ecosystem.

The outcome of this project is The Saccharina01 which is a harvesting tool for line-grown Saccharina Japponica. At the moment I am not able to review or discuss the function of it in further detail, due to non disclosure agreements.