"Simulacra" 2012
production design (BA project), march-june 2012
for our BA with Rolf Blume Jensen

"Simulacra" means "copy of a copy" and is visually a very typical sci-fi, heavily influenced by classic sci-fi before it and the current International Space Staion's visual ques. This makes the movie (trailer) it self a copy of other movies that are inspired by other movies that are inspired by other things, etc.
about the research:
Leading up to all of that, was a lot of research focusing on what is sci-fi, and what to we perceive as sci-fi today, in a world so saturated in future fantasies. In my written assignment I analyzed 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Alien (1979), through a semiotic perspective, looking for the "recipe" of mostly realistic sci-fi design. For the abstract in pdf format, clickhere. The assignment itself is in Danish.
I also made a poster comparing different areas of spaceships in different movies, looking for similarities to discuss in the written assignment. To download full size (1x5m) click here.
A big part of the research was also reading about Mars missions, Moon missions, NASA and ESA's current experiments and planned future missions. A lot of research on current and trending technologies was part of my background knowledge.

As my bachelor project I wanted to work with a Martian base concept. I was unsure whether it should be realistic or artistic, so I went for the golden middle. Well over halfway through the project I steered it into a set design project and merged it with Rolf Blume Jensen's movie technique project. We decided the projects would make more sense together and amplify each other.
Together we created a movie plot, and due to time constrains we decided to film a trailer showing the atmosphere and mood we wanted in the movie.
At the time I had a good grasp of the size, shape, staff and main functions of the base. We decided which parts of the base will be relevant in the trailer, and which ones would have the strongest impact on the viewer and started building them. From the 3d sketches I extracted plans for laser cutting, and then we assembled the models in a 1:20 cm scale.
Rolf already had most of the flora&fauna footage, so there was time to focus on the special effects.
Finally I took undertook the graphic design work with labels, stickers, warning signs and movie posters. Meanwhile Rolf was staining the beautiful white sets, filming and finally cutting.