ECCO shoes
materials and shapes
when: 5th semester (2011)
who: in collaboration with
Eva Sofia Aude (textile designer)
Pernilla Sax (fashion designer)

This collection is inspired by the tactile universe of the prairie, the dust, drought and the hot sun that burn its way into the skin, leaving a wrinkled furrow pattern, the dusty scorched skin contrasting the soft blue sky. We thought about heavy cowboy boots walking in the dust, step by step, leaving a small dust cloud behind the man. A woman is looking at him from the porch in front of the saloon, judging him by the size of his spores.
The idea was to translate the attitude and the aura to present time in an urban environment. We choose rubber soles as a symbol of modern everyday footwear and combined them with rough leather which we associate with the look of Clint Eastwood’s weathered face from old spaghetti westerns. We tried out different methods of translating the textures and the shapes, and finally focused on a three dimensional leather interpretation of a dust cloud. From one specific leather (parallel cut ups) sample we derived the entire collection.
The collection was created with the guidance of ECCO® technicians and designers, and with ECCO leather samples.